iLife A80 Max Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with App Control

  • It’s got all the sensors it needs to clean efficiently and not run into stuff
  • Can clean a big area or a small area thoroughly, thanks to a variety of cleaning modes
  • With a floating roller brush, it can deal with uneven surfaces, and with auto boost, it can detect carpet and increase suction
  • Here is a brief video
  • Here are more than 4k reviews to check out
  • Can it make margaritas: If you leave a lime, some tequila, some triple sec, sugar, and salt on the floor… still no
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It'll Clean

It’s weird, right? That a robot vacuum cleaner could be considered a “self-explanatory” product? Like, go back to 1994, tell someone that you’ve got a “basic robot vacuum cleaner,” and see what they say. But it’s true! This really is a totally solid, very straightforward robot vacuum cleaner!

With a full set of sensors to maximize its cleaning area (and keep it from running into stuff), modes for cleaning large spaces or small spaces more thoroughly, auto-boost for carpeted areas, and app control, it offers everything you’d expect from a self-propelled cleaner bot for just $99.

And that’s really all we have to say about that.

Anyway, it is the weekend, so let’s move on to the shirts we have on offer over at Mediocritee.

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A Deliriously Dim-Witted Dino Joke

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A Deliriously Dim-Witted Dino Joke

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A Seriously Stupid Science Joke

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A Seriously Stupid Science Joke

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Oh, also buy the vacuum!

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