iJoy Eclipse True Wireless Left-Right Stereo Speakers

  • They work in stereo
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around in their cool little case
  • 4 hours of playtime
  • Can also function as earbuds for a giant
  • Model: IJSP1009-B1B1, IJSP1009-H102, where IJSP stands for, “Inner Joy Surely Possible (if you buy these)”
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They Are Definitely Bluetooth Speakers

The other weekend, on an unseasonably warm day, my wife and I sat out on our porch and had a couple beers. It was delightfully peaceful, the only soundtrack being the occasional chirp of a bird, the calls of the squirrels, the leafless trees swaying in a mild breeze… and the blasting of The Mars Volta from a yard down the street.

And was I frustrated? No. In fact, I felt a little nostalgic for my high school years when I bought De-Loused in the Comatorium at FYE in the Hudson Valley Mall (probably for, like, $18, and only after scanning it and listening to the three available 30 second audio samples).

Moroever, it made me think: we need some bluetooth speakers.

And as soon as I said this, my wife reminded me that I work for a company that could basically call itself The Bluetooth Speaker Emporium. Me wanting a bluetooth speaker and not yet having a bluetooth speaker is like a cattle farmer craving a hamburger. Or a florist going home and being like, “I wish had something colorful to use as a center piece for this table.” Or a Meh writer’s phone dying constantly while he’s traveling because he didn’t buy a power bank.

Which, okay, actually happens. Like, a lot. And what makes it worse: we do have a power bank, and we always forget it. Plus, we didn’t get it from Meh; someone gave it to us as a gift, which has filled me with profound guilt, because the gift-giver likely paid the full retail price for a thing that we regularly sell in 2-packs at a steep discount.

Sorry, got a little off topic.

Anyway, point is I need bluetooth speakers, so I’m going to buy these. They’re simple, they’re stereo, and they’re lightweight enough that you can bring them anywhere: on a hiking trip, to the pool, onto the back porch, into the kitchen, wherever. Plus they’ve got a playtime of four hours, so you can listen to De-Loused in the Comatorium just under four times (run-time of 60:51).

But most importantly: they’re the first bluetooth speakers we’ve sold since I realized I need bluetooth speakers. And they’re only $15. So there you have it.

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