Hotel New York 6-Piece Dobby Stripe Sheet Set

  • Fabrics you place on your bed? It’s more likely than you think
  • It’s the craze that’s sweeping the nation: bedsheets
  • They got stripes on them, that’s what makes them “Dobby” it seems
  • 14" pockets fit up to 16"
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A Night At The Hotel Dobby New York

It had been serendipitous that I’d stumbled upon a hotel at such a late hour. Lucky that a concierge still stood at the front desk. Strange that they had a room already waiting for me.

In my tired delirium, I didn’t linger to question it. I thought it was a joke, perhaps, at the time. I took my backpack and found the room at the end of a long, empty hall. I turned a heavy key in the lock, only to find it already open. I placed the key on the bedside table, laid down my bag, and fallen onto the bed in a stupor.

Hours passed. Deep into the night, the ticks of the clock pulled me briefly out of what had felt like a peaceful slumber. Twice I’d blinked, surrounded by almost complete blackness, when I noticed something strange. The door was open. I tried to recall whether I’d closed it or somehow forgotten out of sheer exhaustion. Before the answer could come to me, there was a rustling at the foot of the bed. In what little light I had, I saw nothing but striped sheets before me, a plateau that suddenly dropped into absolute darkness.

They rustled to my left. I looked again and caught nothing. They began to rustle to my right. Nothing. Then, they rustled at once before the edges flew aloft as if held by invisible hands. Paralyzed in fear, I could tell that there was nobody there, but I sensed a presence nonetheless. The bedding crashed upon me like soft but menacing waves. Tendrils of fabric constricted me with malevolent comfort, threatening to drown me under a torrent of tightly woven fibers.

Yet, as the coil of bedding wrapped tighter around my neck by some ghostly force, and my strength began to fade, I found that only one thought came to occupy my mind…

Damn, these are actually pretty comfy sheets.

I blacked out.

When I awoke, thank goodness I did, I found myself in an open field. The sound of the birds chirping served as an alarm clock replacement, unexpected though not unwelcome. Surrounded by tall grass, I stood up and searched the area. Nothing. The hotel was gone, as if it had never existed.

All that remained was my memory, the mystery, and… the sheets. 10/10, great sheets, still use them today.

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