Home 365 Collapsible Multi-Purpose Rolling Crate Cart

  • Put stuff in it
  • Roll it around
  • Stand on it
  • Sit on it
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but what if you FILLED IT WITH-- actually, on second thought, never mind
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A Box

Alright! Here we go! Big box on wheels, take two! You can fill it up. You can roll it around. You can stand on it. You can sit on it.

Now, last time we sold this, we got some pretty positive comments, and we wanted to share them with you in the hopes that they’ll push you to buy one yourself.

@bwhite457 defies all stereotypes of the typical Meh customer by lacking a whole bunch of stupid garbage that’s in the way, but still manages to find a good reason to get one:

This makes me wish I had more crap to pack up and roll around, but alas, I’ve simplified my life in retirement. Oh, but maybe it could be used as a handy rolling bar! Somebody stop me.

@MrNews meanwhile wants support the Mrs’s rock and roll lifestyle:

In for one for MrsNews, who plays in a couple of bands. Keyboards usually, so lots of knick-knacks and paddy-whacks to carry.

But @killians1978 provides perhaps the most compelling reason. It might actually make you some money:

I had something like this (though not this exact one) when I was hustling Instacart. Honestly, it made those trips from the car to a fifth-floor apartment via elevator a breeze, and it got me a fair number of compliments on my organization and even a few tips because I got all the groceries in one run. It lived in my trunk for years and I used it until it literally fell apart.

And, to be clear, even if you’re not Instacarting, this can still be helpful to get a whole bunch of groceries up to your seventh-floor condo.

So get one. It’s a box on wheels. The chances you use it for something are high.

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