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Fiskars 3-Piece Functional Form + Kitchen Cutting Essentials Set

  • The knives are a SHARP addition to any kitchen.
  • The shears are SHEAR madness.
  • This set is a CUT above the rest.
  • Model: 550211-1002, which is what we in the biz call a poorly transcribed phone number model number.
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Cut Yourself Some Slack

This would be a nice time to really go in on the claims that a review makes. Really dig deep, truly assess its assessment of the merits (and pitfalls) of the product while making a few jokes along the way. And, the review in this case is so concise and gem-like that there is little to do but post it, in full, here:

And you know what, I agree with Person: a good set of knives is a gift!

And I’ll tell you why. First off, if you have not experienced the joy of using kitchen shears, you are in for A TREAT! Cut scallions like they’re paper. Cut strips of bacon into perfect bacon-bit sized pieces directly over a hot pan like they’re… uhh… fat paper?

And that’s the real gift to which Person almost certainly refers: ease. Or, moreover, time, one of ease’s side effects.

Real talk: I don’t know who calculates the ‘prep time’ of most online recipes, but they’re either some sort of Iron Chef, or they buy all their meat and veggies pre-chopped. In my experience, it takes about as long to get all the ingredients out of the crisper and find a couple clean cutting boards as it does for this wonder-cooks to have everything ready. Thus, if you’re like me, you end up starting from behind no matter what. And, if you’ve got a bad set of knives, suddenly, you’re not chopping so much as sawing, and the tears aren’t just from the onions you’re struggling to mince. They’re from the pain in your wrist and the pain in your heart as you watch the seconds turn to minutes turn to hours, until you’re finally ready to sit down for your meal somewhere around midnight.

Okay, that’s maybe an exaggeration. And good knives might not help you achieve the impossible time goals set out by the recipe. But they’ll definitely get you closer. Which is why, as every five star review of this Fiskar Cutting Essentials Kit states: they’re one of life’s true gifts!

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