FineLife Weighted Comfy Wrap & Eye Mask Duo

  • This New Years, resolve to add a little weight
  • You get a weighted wrap and a weighted eye mask
  • Let all those lbs subdue you into a state of calm
  • Model: W316HT-W316HT-D0NT-T3LL-M3
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Holiday Detox

I like people. I really do. I enjoy going out with friends to the bar, or playing board games, or visiting someone and seeing the city in which they live. I like going home and seeing family. I like a big holiday dinner. I like the sounds of booming laughter and friendly debate.

So, again, I like people.

But after spending more than a day with anyone who isn’t my wife, my inner recluse starts to come out. Or would my inner recluse burrow deeper inside? Whatever. Doesn’t matter. Point is, a little togetherness, as great as it is, always leaves me in mood for a heaping helping of me-time.

And this time of year? It’s like a veritable typhoon of togetherness just rolled in, pelting our beach with camaraderie and leaving each of us a with a metaphorical shiver–or, maybe, a literal shiver too, if we happened spend the holidays with Uncle Bob who doesn’t believe in flu shots.

And we haven’t even gotten to New Years yet, that night when everyone’s back and recovering from an overdose of family time and determined–maybe too determined–to have a wild, good time.

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to buy this FineLife bundle today. It’ll arrive sometime early in 2020. When it does, I’m going to take the weighted wrap and drape it over me. Its 4 pounds will fall over my shoulders and neck, giving me a sense of calm. Then, I’m going to put on the weighted eye mask. After that, I’m going to lay down and listen to a calming podcast. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll just fire up a white noise app, and bask in the sound of water trickling over rocks.

And, in this way, I’ll catch up with someone I haven’t been able to really see since late November: me.

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