Fifth & Fine 1/2 Cttw Diamond Earrings On Sterling Silver

  • Diamond clusters on sterling silver
  • But not, like, too showy
  • But showy enough
  • Just look at the pictures, okay?
  • Model: C4N-U-34R-M3-N0W
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Who Are You?

There’s that age-old saying, you are what you eat. And it makes sense on some level. But in my opinion, the more accurate version would be: you are what you wear.

I base this on nothing but anecdotal evidence. When I put on my running shorts and running shoes and I feel positively bouncy, ready to go all out for miles. But in slip-on shoes and a pair of jeans, forced to dash across a crosswalk, you’d think no one taught me that knees are capable of bending. In a suit and dress shoes, I’m dapper and quick-witted. In hiking boots and a parka, I stand tall, ready to climb. In sweat pants and an old t-shirt, I’m basically boneless, my limbs tangled on the couch in whatever way they happen to land, my gut un-sucked-in, my eyes unable to open beyond halfway.

Again, anecdotal but pretty airtight in my opinion.

And so, with this in mind–that you are what you wear–then what will you become when you put on these earrings?

On the one hand, they’re stunning clusters of diamonds on sterling silver. Given that sentence contains both the words ‘diamond’ and ‘silver,’ you might think they’d turn you into someone who faints in the middle of the gala upon learning the Beluga caviar served with the amuse-bouche is imitation.

But then again, these earrings aren’t giant and gaudy. They’re elegant but not over-the-top, eye-catching but not desperate for attention. And so maybe the person you’ll become when you wear them is someone who is quietly confident, refined but not outwardly condescending, the kind of person that everyone seeks to impress for reasons they cannot entirely understand.

Or, maybe my theory is wrong, and these are just some nice earrings to go with that outfit you like, and they won’t make you feel any specific way. But hey, that’s not so bad either, right?

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