60-Count: Entenmann's Assorted Flavored Individual Coffee Cups

$0.40 Per Cup

  • You get 60 pods of coffee
  • Flavors ranging from ‘tastes like coffee’ to ‘tastes like dessert’
  • If you like their danishes, you’ll love their coffee (maybe)
  • Model: C0FF33-P0DC45T
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You Brew You

The best wine doesn’t come in the little bottles. A whole pizza’s probably baked fresh, whereas that slice has been sitting under a heat lamp for who knows how long. You have more flavor options if you buy a whole big bag of chips rather than a pack of the single serving ones. And a two-liter of soda is the same stuff you love for a lot cheaper per ounce.

What we’re getting at is that, while the battle is often framed as quality versus quantity, the reality is higher quantity usually means higher quality.

And that’s the problem.

Because damn, those glasses of your favorite wine sure go down easy, and it would be a shame to put that bottle back in the fridge; it loses half its flavor overnight, right? Same with pizza: it just doesn’t taste as good as it does piping hot right out of the oven, so why not have another slice? Another handful of chips. Another cup of soda.

It’s just too tempting.

But worst of all is when you brew a killer two-cup pot of coffee and then think, Well, that was pretty good. Why don’t I put another pot on? And sure, you could add less water, and fewer scoops of grounds, but it never tastes quite right that way, does it? So now, you’ve blown a whole cup past your three-cup limit, and you can’t sit still, and you’re feeling so jittery that you can barely even type out a write-up about coffee pods for a hokey deal-a-day site. (Hypothetically speaking, of course.)

So, what’s the solution? Those things we just mentioned: coffee pods. They’re your ideal first or last cup of coffee of the day. Maybe you get up early to brew a Chemex. Well, a quick easy pod cup is exactly what you need to sip on while you wait for those freshly ground single origin beans to steep and release their sweet nectars. Or maybe it’s two in the afternoon and you need the pick-me-up of a single mug, rather than the hoist-me-up-angrily-by-the-collar-of-my-shirt that the entire pot would provide.

Or hey, maybe you start your day with a single pod cup and finish your day with a single pod cup and have a pod cup in between. By which we mean, maybe you only drink pod coffee. That’s cool too.

Should we have maybe started with that and worked towards the pod-coffee-as-supplemental angle? Probably. Just like we probably shouldn’t have waited until now to mention that this is a 60-pack of pods featuring flavors as simple as ‘breakfast blend’ and as decadent as ‘cinnamon crumb cake.’

But look, we’re WAY too caffeinated to think logically right now, okay?

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