Diamond Muse 1.0 Carat TW Diamond Tennis Necklace in Sterling Silver

  • A whole carat of genuine diamonds set in Sterling Silver
  • Classic 18-inch length; elegant and shiny
  • Comes in a sleek black gift box with bow
  • Is it available in Georgia Red: Do you understand how necklaces work?
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Care about Carats

Just about every Black Friday, we come out with the same message: that here at Meh, we treat every day like it’s Black Friday.

And that’s pretty much true! Honestly!

Now, are some of the major door-buster-level savings we’re able to offer the product of extenuating circumstances–a surplus, a warehouse move, a color people didn’t like, a new model on the horizon, a brand that does crazy numbers… in Denmark–rather than a feverish scramble to pad our Q4 numbers by knocking a few benjamins off a price tag?


But the point stands, we do all sorts of stuff to deliver you crazy good deals year-round.

Which, in turn, makes Black Friday so hard for us. Like, what do we do now? Do we roll out another excellent Bluetooth speaker that we’re selling for farts on the dollar? Or a pair of headphones in a vaguely pink shade that a bunch of insecure dudes refused to buy, thus allowing us to offer them for 60% off?

No! We have to do something different! Something stupid! Something like, IDK, sell an authentic 1-carat diamond necklace for cheaper than you’ll find it on the sites that are known for selling diamonds at steep discounts.

Basically, what you have here is a piece that is elegant enough to catch looks, and yet not so gaudy that its wearer will draw eye rolls from across the room. It’s classy is what we’re saying. And shiny. Shiny and classy.

And… again… ONE CARAT!

Oh, also: it comes in a gift box. So you just buy it, receive it, and put it under the tree. In other words, you’re saving money AND time.

So get one, please! And we promise we’ll sell some of our usual bullshit tomorrow.

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