Cuisinart Stainless Steel Professional Mixing Set

  • Some of the things here are mixing bowls. Others are measuring cups.
  • The 3 stainless steel bowls are different sizes: 1-1/2-Quart, 3-Quart, and 5-Quart.
  • The measuring spoons and cups are also different sizes.
  • A lotta cool stuff in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Model: B0WL-U-N33D-15-L0V3.
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A Mix Up

Mixing things up, huh?

See, that’s a joke! Because we’re selling mixing bowls and measuring cups and measuring spoons! And therefore, when you use them, you are technically mixing things up! Even if you are not ‘mixing things up’ in the sense that the term is often used to imply, i.e. that you are trying something new!

There’s a chance that you will use this mixing set to mix things up and make the same exact thing you always do. Because isn’t that the way things go? At any given moment, millions (if not billions) of recipes from around the world are a mere Google search away, and even in a smaller city, you’ll have access to all sorts of exotic ingredients, and yet, what do you do? You rotate through the same four or five recipes you know and trust.

The same goes for eating out. Seriously, how often do you try a new restaurant? And furthermore, when you do branch out, how often is it done out of some weird guilt that you should be more adventurous? Or to fulfill some personal unspoken quota before you’re allowed to go back to that one place you always go?

You could stream any number of new, innovative shows, and yet you binge the X-Files again. There are books and books and books released every Tuesday, and yet you stick to the same few authors. And when it comes to clothing, you have a tight rotation of shirts and pants, despite there being 2 delightful new tees offered on Mediocritee every week!

Which is all to say, maybe, when you buy this set, you should use them to make something new, something totally out of your culinary comfort zone, something that really embodies the concept of ‘mixing things up.’

But what’s really important is that you buy them!

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