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Cuisinart Stainless Steel Mixing Set

  • Set includes: 3 stainless steel bowls (1-1/2-quart, 3-quart, and 5-quart), a couple sets of stainless measuring cups and spoons, and a 16oz measuring cup.
  • Bowls, otherwise known as ‘wacky deep plates,’ are a great thing to have in the kitchen.
  • Stainless steel bowls are even better than other kinds of bowls because they’re shiny and easier to clean.
  • These bowls are freezer safe, fridge safe, and dishwasher safe, and come with their own tight-fitting lids.
  • Model: CTG-00-MSSW. Makes you wonder, why even have numbers involved if they’re just going to be two zeros.
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Welcome to Mix Club

The first rule of mix club is you don’t talk about mix club.

The second rule of mix club is you don’t talk about mix club.

The third rule of mix club is, seriously, try not to mention mix club, okay? The community room we were able to book at the library can hold seven people max. Last thing we want is to turn people away.

The fourth rule of mix club is that you can make any kind of mix you want.

The fifth rule of mix club is if you choose to make a mixtape, you do it the old fashioned way with an actual tape. It’s just more authentic and fulfilling when you have to actually put the work in, rather than just, you know, right click and choose “add to playlist.”

The sixth rule of mix club is if you make a mixtape, you should wear a shirt about how great mixtapes are. Like one of the ones for sale on Mediocritee.

The seventh rule of mix club is that if you’re mixing ingredients together, be sure to bring your own mixing bowls. We suggest a Cuisinart set, preferably one with 3 different-sized bowls that are all stainless steel, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, refrigerator safe, and come with their own lids. Bonus points if they come with some stainless steal measuring cups and spoons. Extra bonus points if there’s a 16oz measuring cup involved. Anyone who knows where members can get a set like that should message the mix club Slack.

The eighth rule of mix club is don’t talk about mix club Slack, because then you’ll have to talk about mix club.

The ninth rule of mix club is that if it’s your turn to bring snacks, be sure it’s a snack mix like Chex Mix or mixed nuts. We have to keep the theme strong here, people!

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