Cuisinart Divonne or Fampoux 40 Piece Flatware Sets

  • 2 sets, each with 20 pieces, 40 total, divided by 5 items equals enough flatware for…200 people! Wait. 8 people. Still good.
  • Nice little detailing that will actually make you feel pretty good about life for a minute there. Your choice of styles.
  • Made of sturdy stainless steel.
  • Dishwasher-safe because seriously, don’t have dishes that aren’t dishwasher safe.
  • Priced better than anything outside of the guy at the flea market who makes forks by melting down his old varmint bullets.
  • Model: CFE-01-FP20, which to a trained eye tells you that it’s a 20-piece set first designed by spoon design rockstar Franz Pérez during the Cuisinart Food Expo back in 2001. Details like this can make your grandkids rich when they find these in the attic and take them to Antiques Roadshow 100 years from now.
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Dine like you have it together

These days, it’s the little things that get you through the day. That could be due to a newfound appreciation for the peace and joy to be found in simple moments, or, you know… maybe just because all the good stuff is closed right now.

Some decent flatware can be one of those little things.

Notice that I said flatware. That’s because you are a damn adult and are able to appreciate complete sets of matching things that people five hundred years ago decided were important for a civilized society, like using a slightly different fork for your salad than you do for everything else. Sure, you might be getting by with a bunch of mismatched items in a catastrophe of a silverware drawer, but you probably wouldn’t go as far as to call them something fancy like flatware.

And yeah, you might choose whether to use the big spoon or the little spoon based less on etiquette and more on how depressed you’re feeling during your afternoon cereal. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t know a deal when you see one and take a step towards the good life where all the dishes match and dinner napkins are no longer the same thing as paper towels.

Besides, even if none of that sounds appealing, you can at the very least have a little wiggle room in the dishwashing routine once these become your new A team cutlery and the ones that have been abused and banged up by the garbage disposal fall into place as your new end-of-day backups.

Get yourself just a little more together. These will help.

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