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Renege of the Sith

Have you ever heard the Tragedy of Darth Goofus the Very Unwise?

Many rumors exist surrounding the death of Darth Goofus.

Some say his former apprentice hunted him down and killed him to protect the secrets of the Sith (or to formally assume the role of master). Others say he crashed his ship on an uninhabited world and lived out the remainder of his days as a hermit (or died within a day of landing). Still others say he lives on to this day, the only Sith to have somehow discovered true immortality. Most would say that he choked on a large hunk of bread or drunkenly insulted a bounty hunter in a shady part of town.

In any case, RIP Goofus. Gone and best forgotten. You truly were one of the Sith Lords to ever live.

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