Crabtree & Evelyn 2-Piece Raw Instinct Concentrated Oil & EDP Scent Set

  • Weirdly intense design
  • “60 percent of the time, it works every time.”
  • Why it works for Valentine’s Day: a little scent goes a long way
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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Matches Made In Retail — A Meh-rathon

Love is in the air. Buckle up for a weekend full of hand-picked deals on products with unironically romantic backstories. If it can’t be at the center of an old Hollywood meet cute, we ain’t selling it.

“Raw Instinct Scent.” Because Sex Panther was already taken, presumably.

Sorry, we’re just a little thrown off that the quaint soap and toiletry company seems to be making some mildly edgy choices with their branding here.

As you were.

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