Contour Rest 3-in-1 Insta Cool Standard Gel Pillow

  • A contoured piece of memory foam with a gel layer to keep the sweats away
  • Gentle, reasonably firm, and supportive, like a loving parent, but softer than those bamboo pillows many of you hated
  • You put it under your head while you sleep
  • Model: ???
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Who you gonna believe, us or your lyin' head?

On the face of it, it makes sense: the widespread idea that you should do your pillow shopping in real life instead of on the Internet. You can feel the pillow right there in person, the thinking goes. Take it for a test lie. Seems obvious, right?

Yeah but. First of all, that brand-new pillow is either wrapped in plastic, in which case, it’s wrapped in plastic, so unless your pillowcase at home is also plastic, it won’t tell you much. OR that test pillow isn’t wrapped in plastic, in which case, gross. Also, the way a fresh new pillow feels now isn’t necessarily how it will feel after months of nightly use. All this means that the head test can be more misleading than not.

How, then, are you supposed to choose a pillow, if not with your head? With your brain. You’ve been sleeping for literally your entire life. Well, not every minute of your life, but you know what we mean. You know what kind of pillow you like: super firm, extra doughy, springy, fluffy, whatever. You know if you like down, memory foam, shredded memory foam, etc. Be guided by your brain, not your head.

Or, alternatively, guided by our video up there to the right. You can see how much softer these pillows are than those bamboo pillows we sold that everyone hated. There’s another surprise, we won’t spoil except for one hint: looks like someone is feline ready for a nap!

Anyway, this is a moderately firm, contoured memory foam pillow with a layer of gel to keep it cool. By now, your brain already knows whether or not that sounds like it’s worth the fourteen bucks. There’s no reason to go dragging your head into this.

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