COLOP E-mark Create Portable Handheld Printer

  • Uh, basically a digital rubber stamp?
  • Seriously, you just sort of slide on designs
  • Look, just watch the video, okay?
  • Model: M4RK-3-M4RK
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Wants & Needs

The first question you likely have is: what is this thing?

And the answer is pretty simple: it’s basically the digital equivalent to a rubber stamp.

The second question you likely have is: no, wait, seriously, what is this thing?

And that’s a valid question, given that “the digital equivalent to a rubber stamp” is just another phrase that needs explaining. So, here’s a more thorough answer: it’s a little inkjet printer you can hold in your hand and use to print labels or messages or bar codes (or anything you want really) onto almost any material: paper, clay, cloth, all sorts of stuff.

The third question you likely have is: can someone please tell me what the hell this thing IS in a way that makes any friggin’ sense?!

Which, okay, fair. The problem is, it’s hard to describe something like this in words. So we’ll just post a video:

See what we’re dealing with here? Seriously, how cool is this thing?!

Which brings us to what is likely your fourth and final question: do I really need this thing?

But let’s be real. This question is a defense mechanism. It’s there to keep you from asking ‘Do I really want this thing?’ Because the answer to that is yes. Of course, you want a weird little handheld printer gadget! Who wouldn’t? And so you’re afraid you’re about to blow some cash on this thing when it’s not like you own a baby boutique that needs branded bags or anything.

But here’s the thing: what if you DO open a baby boutique one day? Won’t you be kicking yourself for not grabbing this thing for $79 when you had the chance?

Okay, fine. That’s not the best sales pitch. So let’s try this: why not just buy it and figure out the practical justification later?

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