Hey people of Meh: did you know there’s a whole Black Friday event going on over at SideDeal today?

Cavalier Maverick Portable WiFi Speaker with Alexa & Charging Base

  • Wifi and bluetooth connectivity means it’s clear at home, and works on-the-go
  • Also, because of the wifi, you can use Alexa with it
  • Stereo pairing and multi-room playback are possible, just not with the Cavalier app; for that, you’ll need to use Muzo
  • It looks rad, doesn’t it? That’s genuine leather, and custom knit Japanese acoustic fabric
  • Model: CAV1LT-PLUS/CAV1LTC-PLUS, CAV1BB-PLUS/CAV1BBC-PLUS, because this speaker is a huge Cavs fan, with or without LeBron
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Here and There

Howdy, friends! We’ve got a little Mad Libs project we’re working on (to be revealed later). Basically, all we need is for you to fill out a super short, simple form each day. Here’s today’s! Thanks in advance!

What does Black Friday mean when you’re us?

Like, seriously: it’s a time for stores to highlight their best deals and offer things at a wild discount. But that’s what we do every day here. Meh exists in a perpetual state of Black Friday. And sure, not everyone loves everything we sell. But even when we offer goofy stuff that no one wants, it’s still at a stupidly low price you won’t find anywhere else.

So again, what do we do?

Two things, actually.

First of all, we offer something that’s actually good and not completely ridiculous, like this Cavalier Maverick Portable Speaker. Here’s what you need to know: it connects via wifi or bluetooth, so it’ll sound crystal clear at home (thanks to the wifi), but you can also take it with you beyond the reach of the router (thanks to the bluetooth). Also, because of the wifi: it works with Alexa.

Another important thing: you used to be able to do stereo pairing or multi-room simultaneous playback with the speaker’s own app, but Sonos–dear, sweet, generous Sonos–filed a cease and desist to make Cavalier stop. So now, if you want stereo pairing and multi-room simultaneous playback, you have to use Muzo.

Most importantly, though, this thing looks pretty rad, right? Retro yet futuristic. Oh, baby!

Anyway, that’s Black Friday thing one.

The second thing we do is set up an amazing event on our brother-site, SideDeal, so that people can browse multiple great deals without us having to break from our routine of offering one item each day.

So grab one of these speakers, and then head over there for even more awesome stuff, and enjoy a Black Friday during which all doors will remain thoroughly un-busted!

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