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Braven Bridge Bluetooth Conference Speaker with Dual Noise-Cancelling Mics

  • A conference speaker with bluetooth connectivity and sweet omni-directional mics that pick up all the voices outside of the ones in your head.
  • Made with full grain leather, graciously donated by happy cows.
  • Pro tip: Bluetooth conference speakers are also just Bluetooth speakers, and work well even if you never have conferences.
  • How well does it work? Let’s just say we’re dictating this feature to our typist in Stockholm through it right now.
  • That’s not true. But it works well.
  • Also a power bank with 2.1A output.
  • MSRP of $300. We’re selling it for $29. According to our math that’s 1.5 million times less!
  • You know what’s even cheaper than $29? Two shirts over at Mediocritee.
  • Model: TH4T5-50-BR4V3N.
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BT: Business Talk

Let’s just cut right to it: this thing looks serious because it is serious. It’s a premium portable conference speaker with bluetooth connectivity and dual omni-directional mics that can pick up voices from a distance while minimizing background noise.

In other words, this thing makes business communications a breeze! At least, over the phone. What it can’t help with is the coded quasi-language known as written business communication…

But WE can! Check out this helpful cheat sheet of some of the most common business-related acronyms:

EOB: “Eat-on bike”; referring to the natural successor to the standing desk–the stationary bike cafeteria table.

SEO: “Sent every ornithologist”; the classic ‘oops, I hit reply all’ faux-pas, but at a bird-related business.

TBD: “Terse Bentley discussion”; a long-winded conversation about cars among high-ranking executives.

FYI: “Freckled yet invisible”; an expression used by workers when they feel they should be standing out in their field, yet cannot be recognized.

B2B: “Boyz 2 (II) Boyz”; an idea that fails to develop.

ROI: “Rodneys only inside”; a meeting exclusively for those who have accrued enough PowerClix within a Speed Quarter to ascend from status Darryl to status Rodney.

YDT: “Yesterday’s donuts today”; when a company attempts a marketing makeover without significant changes to its products or service.

ETA: "Erroneous Tabasco application**: an overly fiery response to what most would agree was a very tame email.

SOP: “Soup on patio”; for when there’s soup available on the patio.

There you have it, a list of common business-related acronyms that are bound to land in your inbox sooner or later. Of course, if you have others to contribute, post them in the comments. Otherwise remember: without a good conference speaker, you’ll be SOL (saddened over lackluster-call-quality).

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