Bonmedico Firm Orthopedic Memory Foam Donut Pillow

  • Like Buns of Steel instructor Greg Smithey, this pillow is super supportive of your butt
  • Great for back pain, lumbar support, and comfort post-surgery
  • This is a really good pillow that is usually at least twice as much as this
  • What does this have to do with corgis: nothing, so if that’s what you’re into, head over to Mediocritee
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Butt How

Here’s something obvious: If you have an immediate need for this pillow, you should buy it. Because it’s good, and it’s cheap.

As in, it’s half as expensive as it is on Amazon, where it’s very well-reviewed. It’s got a score of 4.2 out of 5 based on an impressive 12,562 reviews. (Which is especially great, because with that many, you know a good chunk of the bad ones are people being like, “The box was damaged!” or “I didn’t mean to order this! How do I cancel?” and then giving it one star.)

So, there you have it: you should buy it because you need it, it’s good, and it’s cheap.

Here’s something less obvious: if you have no immediate need for this pillow, you should buy it. Because it’s good, and it’s cheap.

And because you never know when you might need it in the future.

Imagine this: you see this sale and decide to forgo the purchase. Then, in a few months, or a year, or two years, something happens.

Maybe your hemorrhoids flair up. Maybe you need surgery. Maybe you’re dealing with some pain in your lower back or tailbone, and so you go to the doctor, and they say, “You know what you could use? A good pillow for your butt!”

Whatever the case, you’re gonna shrug and think to yourself, Okay, that’s cool. After all, how much could a good butt pillow cost? And then you’re going to hop on the internet and be like, THAT is how much a good butt pillow costs?! And then you’re going to be like, “I should’ve bought that butt pillow Meh sold that time.” And then you’re going to be like, Oops, didn’t mean to say that out loud! And then your spouse is going to be like, “Wait, you could’ve gotten a good butt pillow for cheap and you didn’t? I thought you were financially responsible! I can’t be married to someone who spends excessive amounts on butt pillows when they could’ve gotten one for cheap!” And you’re gonna be like, “Are you divorcing me?” And they’re gonna take out two swords and hand you one and be like, “I don’t believe in divorce. When I said ‘until death do us part,’ I meant it. So, the winner of this fight gets to keep… their life.”

This is all super realistic and reasonable and could happen to anyone.

So buy the pillow now and put it in the closet or something. You won’t regret it!

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