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Boneco Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier

  • It can do warm mist or cool mist at the touch of a button… or maybe two-buttons, depending on which setting it was on last.
  • Humidifies rooms up to 860 square feet. That’s a lot of space.
  • Also, depending on your water, some say it emits a white powdery mineral substance, because its mineral filter isn’t super thorough.
  • Distilled water would fix that, if necessary.
  • To be blunt, that’s why it’s $49 and not, like, $150.
  • Model: 7142, which is also the number times per day that I apply chapstick in January.
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Tepid Humid Reviews

So, let’s address the most important thing first: it’s likely that you pronounce this brand Bon-e-co. I say that because when I first saw it, I said it as “Bone Co” in my head, and have been quietly chuckling to myself for the last 3 to 58 minutes.

Now that we’ve got out of the way, let’s move on to some actual logistics. What you need to know is that this thing can cover up to 860 square feet. That’s a lot of space for one humidifier to… uh… humidify. It’s basically an entire floor of a decent-sized house. Or, in New York City terms, approximately 39 apartments. In other words, this baby WORKS HARD!


You’ll also notice that it costs $49. That’s cheap for that kind of humidification. Like, you and your spouse could go out for a burger and a beer, or you could turn the moisten the dry static-inducing, knuckle-cracking, lip-chapping air of a whole floor of your house. Other models that do 860 square feet would probably cost more than $100. Some might even cost $200. So, how are we able to offer this one for so cheap? Would you believe it’s because we are an innately kind and good-hearted organization who just wants to give back?


Okay, fine: honestly, it’s not the best humidifier. In some of the reviews, people have complained it emits a “white powder” that gets on the stuff around it. That white powder isn’t dangerous; it’s just minerals that haven’t been caught by the humidifier’s less-than-thorough mineral filter. As such, you can avoid it by using distilled water. But that’s really annoying, as is cleaning up a bunch of white residue.

Still, we’re selling it because you might need a humidifier that can cover some serious distance and you might not have $200 to spend. In which case, maybe get a feather duster and give this Boneco a try!


Bone Co.

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