BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0 RGB Projector w/ Blue Stars (Manufacturer Refurbished)

  • Feel like you’re in space without leaving your house
  • A whole bunch of rad settings, controllable from an app or the buttons on the Sky Lite
  • A cool potential gift for others (or you!)
  • We’ve tested these, and both the packaging and product appear like-new
  • Want the green star version? Check out SideDeal
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but it can sorta make the ceiling look like it’s spinning, which is margarita-like!
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Ambiance On Demand

Basically, what we’re selling today is your own little Aura Borealis/laser light show. Seriously. Just look at this:

It’s pretty cool right? And if you’re like, “Yeah, but I bet it doesn’t look that great in real life,” that’s fair skepticism. It does, however, earn a rating of 4.5 out of 5 over on Amazon, so it probably does something right.

Oh, also, that’s based on a preposterously large number of reviews. Like, we’re talking more than 23,000, or about as many people as there are in Rock Springs, the 5th largest city in Wyoming! (Which, okay, actually sounds maybe less impressive than just saying the number, but still, you get what we were going for.)

And, by the way, those people who reviewed this thing? They didn’t buy it for about 20 bucks. No way. A new one of these things costs $50 on the company’s website. And there’s no telling what that’s marked down from.

What we’re getting at is that all of Rock Springs, Wyoming spent probably $50+ on one of these, and despite the fact that it does NOTHING practical, still went onto Amazon en masse and rated it super high.

And now, by offering a refurbished model for the price of a plate of wings and a beer, we can bring this fun little light thing to you, the person who sees it and thinks, That’s pretty rad and all, but there’s no way I’m dropping half-a-hundo on that shit. Which makes it the perfect product to buy on Meh on a random Thursday in early November: something you don’t need and didn’t even know you wanted until right now.

What we’re saying is, go ahead, hit that buy button, and enjoy a little bit of funky ambiance in your house on these long dark winter nights, just like they all do in Rock Springs, Wyoming, city of light, USA!

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