BK 20" Pre-Seasoned Black Carbon Steel Perforated BBQ Roaster with Carry Handles

  • Grilling and roasting out doesn’t just mean hamburgers and hot dogs
  • Smoky roasted corn, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and fish? Yes, please!
  • Metal utensil safe, corrosion- and stain-resistant
  • Perforated carbon steel body lets the smoke in and the excess fat out
  • Pre-seasoned to save you the hassle
  • Is it Mac compatible: Oh, it’ll cook your Mac perfectly
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Alright. We’re going to do something you wouldn’t expect from us. We’re just gonna focus on the facts. Here’s what you need to know about this Steel BBQ Roaster from BK:

It’s seasonally appropriate.

By which we mean, it’s perfect for grilling in the summer, because it helps you expand your menu beyond the basic stuff that goes directly on the grill slats. The perforated design allows the smoke in and lets the excess fat drip off, but the holes are still small enough that you can cook with garlic or fresh herbs or what have you.

It’s already seasoned appropriately.

It’s fun to cook with steel and iron. It’s less fun to season steel and iron cookware. Thankfully, BK has done it for you. Its carbon steel body comes pre-seasoned. That means there’s no need to put on the oil and put in the oven and do all that stuff. It’s ready to go.

It’s nonstick… eventually.

Here’s what the copy from BK says: “Develops a natural nonstick patina layer with use. The more you use it, the better it gets.” Now, we wanted to point this out because it’s the opposite of how things usually work. Most of the time, you get a “nonstick” pan that is as advertised for a couple months, after which the coating gets old, turning it into the stickiest pan ever. Not this thing! It gets more functional with each use.

It has “comfortable cast iron handles.”

What makes them comfortable, you ask? Well, they’re “riveted for a sturdy and secure grip.” Okay, fine. This one is another direct-from-the-product-copy quote that we thought was a little funny. Like, brands, you don’t always need to turn things into a marketing opportunity. Advertising a pan’s handles is like selling a desk for its “quad-leg construction for raised-off-the-floor functionality.”

Sorry to get snarky there at the end. We just couldn’t help ourselves. Really, it’s a great roaster! You should buy one!

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