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Belkin Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Use it as a keyboard case with your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  • Or just cut off the case and use the wireless keyboard with any Bluetooth-equipped device
  • Android function keys mostly work with iOS (home, search, lock, music controls), but cut/copy/paste do not
  • Oh the fun you can have with that co-worker who leaves his or her phone alone and unlocked
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Use this one weird trick to get a keyboard for any Bluetooth device!

The big Bluetooth keyboard companies hate this lifehack I’m about to show you. You’ll be amazed at how you can save dozens of dollars on a wireless keyboard you can use with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, what-have-you. The secret is lifehacking. I don’t just live life. I hack it.

Like, take this morning in the shower. Not much shampoo left in the bottle. You’re thinking “throw it away”, right? Well, I just set it upside down in the rack for a minute and let gravity do the rest. The result? Some shampoo came out. BOOM! LIFEHACK!

Most people would never even think of this trick I’m about to explain. Just like most people don’t know about the special off-menu item at McDonald’s called “a couple extra packets of salt”. Just use the magic words “Can I please have a couple extra packets of salt?” and you’ll be living large lifehack-style.

First, take one of these Belkin Bluetooth keyboards. It’s attached to a case for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. “But what if I don’t have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3?” you ask. “Should I just shrug my pathetic shoulders and march along with the rest of the herd paying too much for Bluetooth keyboards?”

Yeah, that’s exactly what you should do… if you’re sucker. Or if you’re too conventional to have your mind blown by the secret I’m about to reveal. Still with me? Good. Check this out:

Just take some scissors and lifehack the case out of the way.

That’s right. Right along the little seam where the keyboard part meets the case flap. Cut right through it. Keyboard. Lifehack.

Belkin will say they don’t recommend it. Your friends will tell you you’re crazy. Your parents will say they’re worried about you. But you, you’ll have a super-cheap Bluetooth keyboard, so who’s laughing now?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go lifehack some laundry. I do this crazy thing where I lifehack the colored clothes apart from the white clothes and wash them in separate loads. Crazy? Yeah, crazy like a lifehacking fox with very clean clothes.

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