Avaya HC010 Webcam/Huddle Camera

  • A nice 1080p picture
  • Ability to pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Built-in privacy cover
  • Easy to install
  • Want a dedicated mic, too? Head over to SideDeal
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but thanks to its panning ability, you can set it up at an angle so the other people in the work meeting can’t see your margarita
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Cam You Dig It?

Hi. I’m a journalist for a high-profile national publication who specializes in writing articles shilling for middle managers at large corporations who fear that employees working outside of their direct oversight might call into question their inflated salaries about mental health. And I want to say, it is my expert opinion that you shouldn’t buy this webcam.

You see, having a webcam like this–one that’s easy to install, with a high-quality 1080p video signal and the ability to zoom, pan, and tilt–can lead workers to attempt something dangerously empowering known as “working from home” or WFH for short.

Trust me, I’ve done the research. Working from home might sound fun, but it’s very bad for that dude who likes to knock on your cubical wall like it’s a door and say, “Got a minute?” you. You might start strong. But the temptations will grow. Soon, you’ll be stepping away for the short breaks that are legally allotted to you to engage in all sorts of distractions around the house like putting in some laundry, or preparing yourself a fresh, nutritionally balanced, and affordable lunch hard drugs.

But even if you manage to avoid narcotics, dangers still lurk around every corner. For example, what if you set up your home office near a window? You risk a constant reminder of what the outside world has to offer, and clear visible signs of the day’s progression, allowing for a more natural sense of when it’s time to log off staring into the sun and hurting your eyes.

And, again, this is all made possible with a webcam like this. Because if you’re only hopping onto a video chat for some work-related issue, how will you bond with your way-too-extroverted coworkers who don’t understand personal space and believe your continued employment within the same company as them entitles them to your friendship? Seriously, all work and no play except for the various fun things you can do during breaks and immediately at five, because, hey, no commute? That doesn’t sound very fun, does it?

Anyway, just thought I, a journalist who knows a thing or two about this stuff, should offer my two cents. But I gotta wrap this up now. Because the coffee shop is closing.

Yeah, of course, I’m at a coffee shop and not an office! I’m a writer, not some fucking brain-dead worker bee! LOL! C’mon!

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