Anker Soundcore Life U2 Neckband Headphones with 24hr Playtime

  • They sound really good, apparently!
  • 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon based on a whole BUNCH of reviews
  • Plug them in for 5 minutes, get 120 minutes of playback
  • They can go for 24 hours when fully charged
  • Model: L0W3R-TH3-4NK3R
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U2, Brute?

The following is an investigation into what these headphones have to do with the band U2:

General Concept

On the one hand, it would make sense for U2 to put their name behind these headphones. They have great sound and they can go for 24-hours on one charge, something a band with such an extensive back catalog would appreciate.

On the other hand, U2 is a big name and is, therefore, more likely to partner (and, in fact, has partnered) with much larger brands producing similar products.


Examining photos of the product, none of them display the characters ‘U’ and/or ‘2,’ at least not large enough to be seen from the various angles they are shot, which is odd, as U2’s buy-in would cost quite a lot, and would therefore be advertised. Instead, the photos discuss the headphones’ sound quality (high), charging speed (120 minutes of playback per 5 minutes plugged in), and waterproof rating (IPX7).

Marketing Copy

A control-f on the product’s Amazon page, where it’s rated an impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars based on more than 4,500 reviews, returns 16 instances of “U2.” All of these are simply in the product’s name, with no mention of the band. Searches for “Bono,” “Edge,” and “Where The Streets Have No Name” each return zero results.


It is possible, but unlikely, that nobody on Anker’s marketing team, at least those tasked with naming this product, have ever heard of U2. It is also possible that the product was named using a random letter-and-number generator.


To our knowledge, there is no official U2 tie-in with this product.

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