Anker Soundcore Icon Rugged Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

  • It’s Anker, so it’ll sound good and the battery will be great (12 hours)
  • Super duper rugged
  • IP67 protection means it can deal with water, sand, dust, snow, and mud
  • Hang it in the shower, on a bike or bag, wherever. Also, it floats!
  • Pair two together for true stereo sound
  • Does it come in Georgia Red: No, but it does come in Georgia RAD (we don’t really know what this means, honestly)
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An Adventurous Speaker

Some Bluetooth speakers are for the home. This one, though? Not so much.

Don’t get us wrong, you could use it in your living room, but that’s a waste of its best features. After all, it’s not just another solid Anker audio product with great sound quality and battery life. It’s also super portable and super rugged, making it the perfect Bluetooth speaker for camping, or hiking, or biking, or taking to the lake, or the pool, or the beach, or-- well, you get it!

Now, you’ll notice a few of those places involve water, which might lead you to think, Oh, Meh, I don’t know. I don’t want to risk getting it wet. But friend, this thing is WATERPROOF!

How waterproof? Here’s what Anker says:

IP67 protection: It breezes through water, sand, dust, snow, mud, and even floats

Obviously, you probably don’t want to leave it submerged in water for hours. And so you might not want to take it diving. Then again, if you’re diving, you don’t need a speaker. Because you can listen to all the great music from the various underwater bands and musical artists out there. You know, performers and groups such as:

  • Codsmack
  • Salmon and Garfunkel
  • Eela Fitzgerald
  • Sole Asylum
  • System of a Clown(fish)
  • Mahi Chemical Romance
  • Mackerelmore
  • Natalie Perchant
  • Big Shad Voodoo Daddy
  • My Life With The Bluegill Kult
  • Third Walleye Blind
  • Alice Grouper
  • A Shrimple Plan
  • Death Crab For Cutie
  • Stingray and the Police
  • The Sharkness
  • Smash Large Mouth Bass

Okay. You can probably tell by the sheer number of puns that we were able to come up with here that we maybe had a little too much fun with this whole thing. But look, we’re not the only ones who can have a good time. You can too! Especially if you get one of these Anker Bluetooth Speakers for your next adventure!

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