Anker PowerCore III Sense 10,000 mAh Power Bank (Wireless, USB-C, USB-A)

  • You got your wireless charging
  • You got your USB-A charging
  • You got your USB-C charging
  • You got your fast charging
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  • Can it make margaritas: depends on if you’ve got a USB-powered blender
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Plane Logic

Don’t worry. While you took a two-year hiatus from flying, the airlines weren’t just sitting around. No way, they were innovating! Like, for example, they were probably trying to find a way to cut seat cushioning and storage space so they could fit five more super uncomfortable rows in.

Remember that quaint anecdote about how some airline saved a bunch of money by removing one olive from each first class salad? Well, turns out it was a slippery slope, and we’re probably about two years away from up-charges if you want a plane with functional air conditioning and a seat with two butt-cheeks worth of space.

Okay, okay. Maybe we’re being a bit too cynical. There are ways in which air travel has improved over the past few decades. Seems like there’s better food in airports, for one thing. And the TVs in the back of the chair are better than a 2 inch by 2 inch screen every six rows, all showing the same PG-rated feel-good family comedy.

Plus, everyone has something in their pocket with the power of a Game Boy, a Discman, a portable DVD player, and a library full of books. It’s called a smartphone. And as long as you have one, and it’s got a good charge, you can make it through any travel nightmare.

Now, as for that bit about the charge: if you get yourself a seat next to an outlet while you’re waiting for boarding group 39c to be called, you should be fine. Emphasis on ‘should.’ But everyone’s had one of those flights: where you leave the gate, but then hang out on the tarmac, but then go back to the gate, but then get clearance to take off, but then a storm rolls in, etc., etc. until you’ve spent two hours in a plane that hasn’t left the ground.

Which is where this Anker PowerCore III comes in. You see, while airlines have focused on making their customer experience worse but more profitable, the portable battery industry has worked to make their products, well, just better for everyone. Seriously, look at this thing. You can charge wirelessly. You can charge via USB. You can charge via USB-C. And most importantly, you can charge FAST. We’re talking the latest iPhone from dead to 50% in about a half-hour. Not bad, huh?

So, if you’re flying sometime soon, you might want to pick one up. It won’t make air travel fun, but it’ll definitely make it suck a little less!

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