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Amazon Cloud Cam (Key or Non-Key)

  • It’s a camera that’ll capture everything going on at home in 1080p Full HD for 24 straight hours.
  • And all the motion alert videos it takes are totally downloadable, watchable, and shareable.
  • Detects noises, sends notifications, and works with Alexa, not against her like so many other cameras that are jealous of her intellect.
  • Key edition allows you to check who’s at the door and unlock your smart lock (if you have Prime [and live in the right place]).
  • In other words, you can see when your Pedroncelli mixed red from Casemates arrives.
  • Model: H3Y-H3Y-U-U-G3T-0FF-0F-MY-CL0UD-C4M.
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No One Better Touch That Bottle

We know how it goes.

You go over to Casemates, see that we’re selling a Pedroncelli mixed red, and so of course you buy some. And you feel pretty good about it. Like, why wouldn’t you? You just scored a delicious fan favorite at a great price!

But then you start to wonder, is the price a little… too great?

Like, can you be sure you’re ever gonna such an awesome wine for such an awesome price again? It’s depressing really: that casual purchase you just made with just the click of a button over at Casemates might be your peak as a wine consumer. Moreover, it’s stressful: because you need to make this order of Pedroncelli count.

In other words, you can’t be giving this shit away. So you need a little security to make sure you and you alone get to enjoy it.

That’s where this Amazon Cloud Cam comes in. Watch, in real time 1080p full HD, as the bottle of Pedroncelli you set out on the counter remains untouched by anyone but you. Receive notifications when your roommate Carl steps near that bottle of Pedroncelli you set out on the counter. Use the two-way audio to tell Carl to step the fuck off the bottle of Pedroncelli you set out on the counter. Use it to detect noises such as glass breaking, a baby crying, a dog barking, a smoke/carbon monoxide alarm, or some asshole (Carl) saying “don’t mind if I do” while opening a bottle of your wine that’s sitting out on the counter as if everything in the damn house is just up for grabs.

And that’s just with the “basic” Cloud Cam. You can also get the Key edition, which is compatible with Amazon Key. Basically, if you’ve got Prime, and a smart lock, and you live in “select cities,” you can use your Cloud Cam to see who’s at the door and then choose to unlock it remotely for the “good guys” (friends, wine deliverymen, etc.) or leave it locked for unsavory characters (Carl).

So get a Cloud Cam, and keep an eye on that delightful Pedroncelli mixed red you just got over on Casemates!

And seriously, Carl, get your own wine, bro.

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