AM GetClean 5-Piece Microfiber Anti-Schmutz Screen Cleaner Bundle

  • The blast sprayer is great for cleaning big screens
  • The mist sprayer is great for cleaning small screens
  • The microfiber cloth cushions are great for cleaning big and small screens
  • In other words, if you got a screen, it’ll get clean
  • Model: 85540-12, 85561-06, 85509-12, a good clean model number (no nasty letters)
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Wipe Away

There was a time, let’s say nine or more months ago, when I might spend a day like today hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop to avoid going stir crazy while getting a bit of work done. And often times, despite the clang of espresso being ground and milk being steamed, and the sometimes obnoxiously loud conversations happening all around me, these trips always proved more productive than sitting quietly at my desk.

Why? It’s simple. Because of the potential for shame.

Sure, the fact of this job means that I likely looked like a neurotic shopper, visiting Amazon pages for a bunch of bluetooth speakers and occasionally an As-Seen-On-TV charging pad that is also a popcorn popper or something. But still, I didn’t want to look like a worthless procrastinator, taking up a valuable seat to scroll through Twitter and check Facebook.

Moreover, I didn’t want to look like a slob. And when it comes to looking slovenly while working in public, there are two things to consider: your appearance and your computer screen’s appearance. You can be wearing a tux, but if your screen is a nasty poo poo platter of residue from ancient sneezes and whatever other deposits get stuck on there, people are going to give you the side eye.

The problem is, now that a lot of us are working from home more, and going out less, there is less potential that shame will drive us to wipe those screens down. And so it’s very possible that they are fully caked with nasty gunk.

Which is why everyone should invest in this AM GetClean Bundle. You get a blast sprayer, a mist sprayer, and a few microfiber clothes. In other words, you get everything you need to clean any screen, whether it belong to a computer, a handheld gadget you got for Christmas, or the enormous TV you bought so you can watch all the movies that will be streaming in 2021.

And if you’re not feeling particularly inspired because there’s no one around to deride you for your sloppiness, allow us to help:

Your screen’s are gross. Clean them.

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