AM GetClean 4- or 5-Piece Screen Cleaning Bundle

  • A painful existence, embraced?
  • A smudgy screen, cleaned?
  • The sound of one hand clapping
  • Model: ∞∞∞∞∞
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Zen and the Art of Phone Screen Maintenance

Existence is pain and screens are always smudgy.

Somewhere there’s a monk living in a cave who has been rubbing a once-jagged rock for the last 40 years, smoothing it into a perfect oval and achieving enlightenment along the way. And once our office rubber band ball got so big that it injured a child on Take Your Kid to Work Day.

Because existence is pain and screens are always smudgy.

That monk would probably have a SUPER clean phone screen if only he spent a tenth as much time on it as he does on that rock. He’d probably accidentally swipe his way to having a Facebook account, like infinite monkeys typing on infinite typewriters. Also the offices contain a ghost who died in 2014 and only talks in rage comic memes.

Because existence is pain and screens are always smudgy.

Why do phones always come pretty clean if you just rub them on your pant leg, but if you actually try to clean them properly they get all streaky?

Because existence is pain and screens are always smudgy.

You probably haven’t achieved enlightenment because you never had the right rock and even if you did, the cat would always want to be fed when you were just sitting down to polish it for 40 years.

Because existence is pain.

We don’t sell rocks but we do have this screen cleaning bundle.

Because screens are always smudgy.

Because existence.

Because screens are always.

Seriously though, grab this bundle. You’ll love it.

We share your pain and smudginess.

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