8-Pack: ROMP Pet Cleaning Wipes (640 wipes)

  • 8 packs of 80 fur-freshening, crud-cleaning durable wipes for your furry friends
  • Great for cleaning paws, butts, bellies, eyes… really just all around
  • Stop the mess of mud & grass at the door, or give your pets a wipe down in between baths
  • Gentle as heck - these things are hypoallergenic and made with coconut water & aloe vera
  • Are they available in Georgia Red: Um, if they’re coming away red, and your dog seems fine, it might mean your dog KILLED SOMEONE
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Wipe Out

We’re heading towards winter. That means some rain, followed by some snow, followed by a big melt, followed by more rain. What we’re saying is: it’s about to get pretty gross outside. And if you’ve got pets, it’s hard to keep that grossness from getting inside too.

You basically have three options:

  1. You can give your furry friend a full cleaning after every trip outside, which is a lot of work for you and torture for them.

  2. You can give up and live in filth, which is gross.

  3. You can buy these hypoallergenic plant-based pet wipes and keep them by the door; that way you can give your dog or indoor-outdoor cat a quick wipe when they get messy enough to be a problem, but not so messy as to warrant the annoyance of a full bath.

We might be biased, but option 3 seems like the best course of action. Think about it: when a player checks out of a basketball game, do they just sit there? No! Nor do they rush back to the locker room for a legit shower. They towel off and wait until after the game to get fully cleaned up.

Now, we should say: this basketball analogy is not entirely coincidental. After all, the basketball season will begin in just a few short weeks. And when it does, you’ll be seeing these wipes a lot, because they’re the official wipe of the DCBA (Dog & Cat Basketball Association). You know, the league that gave us such legends as:

  • Bark Price
  • Purrvis Short
  • Jamario (howl at the) Moon
  • Nick Collie-son
  • Me-Yao Ming
  • Hiss Paul
  • Troy Spaniels
  • Cornish Rex Chapman
  • Dane-ian Lillard
  • LabMelo Ball
  • Catrick Ewing

Okay, look: these are terrible puns, but how else were we supposed to fill this space? There’s really just not much to say: they’re gentle, practical pet wipes. Get them and keep your fur friends (and your house) a little cleaner this winter.

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