8-Pack: Colgate Renewal Sensitivity Repair Gel Toothpaste in Fresh Mint

  • Does it really help with receding gums? Does it really help rebuild enamel?
  • Who knows!
  • But hey, it can’t hurt
  • And it’s a lot of toothpaste for not much money
  • Can it make margaritas: it certainly can be added to margaritas (if you want them to taste absolutely disgusting)
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Paste For Less

It’s tempting, right? To get the pricier toothpaste? The one making all the intense claims about gum health and protecting your enamel and all that?

But eventually, you just go with whatever basic stuff you can get in a cheap 2-pack.

Well, today’s sale is the best of both worlds. It’s not a 2-pack. It’s an 8-pack. And it’s an 8-pack of the fancy stuff for the price of the basic stuff.

Fancy how, you ask? Basically, it’s supposed to help with receding gums and rebuild enamel.

Given that kind of power, it’s no wonder that it’s the most widely used toothpaste in all of dental television! Seriously, you can see this stuff on such popular shows as:

  • The Dentalist
  • Gnash Bridges
  • The Wire (Between The Braces)
  • NYPD Chew
  • The (Orthodon)Tick
  • Masti-Kate & Koji
  • Flosst
  • Brooklyn Canine-Nine
  • Bite Court
  • NCIS: Nice Chompers, I Say

Okay, fine. These are terrible puns. And the claims about the gums and enamel? Who knows how real those are. But even if you don’t have sensitive teeth or gum issues, it’s not like this stuff is gonna hurt. And again, you’re paying the cheap toothpaste price for the not-so-cheap toothpaste. That’s the real selling point here.

So get some, and get brushing!

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