8-Pack: Charlee Bear Meaty Bites Grain-Free Freeze Dried Dog Treats

  • Dog treats that aren’t total garbage
  • Seriously, it’s just some beef and some sweet potatoes
  • Well, and SUPERFOODS (ie some probiotics)
  • Made in the USA, and Best By October 2024
  • Usually A LOT more expensive
  • Can they make a margarita: Ew, gross, no
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Healthy, Furry Friend

Keeping a dog healthy is hard. There’s getting them exercise, which, in some way or another, involves you having to exercise yourself. Running with the dog. Hiking with the dog. Even just going to the dog park; you have to be alert and ready to intervene, in case stuff goes sideways.

And then there’s the diet. That part’s even harder to maintain because a dog will eat just about anything and not think anything of it. Seriously, they could chow down a few nasty budget-brand treats, a bowl of kibble, some scraps from dinner, and the paper towel you used to wipe the oil out of a frying pan. And at no point will they put together that the sour feeling in their tummy might have something to do with their diet.

What we’re saying is: your dog’s diet is YOUR problem.

That’s why it’s good to get them some good, healthy snacks. Like these.

These Charlee Bear beef and sweet potato treats are not an amalgamation of chemicals shaped and scented to seem vaguely like meat. Instead, they’re made from… well… beef and sweet potatoes. So you can give them to your dog freely without worrying about flooding their system with bullshit.

Of course, all of this has to do with your dog’s healthy body and digestive system. But how, you might be thinking, do I maintain my dog’s healthy mind? It’s simple. By making sure they spend some time each day reading. And if your response to that is, “My dog can’t read!” all we’ll say is, it probably just seems that way because you don’t give them the kinds of books they can relate to and enjoy. But hand them a classic tome of dog literature, and it’ll be a whole different story. You know, something like:

  • The Hound and The Fury
  • Jane Airedale
  • One Flew Over the Cockapoo’s Nest
  • About a Borzoi
  • Mrs. Dalmationway
  • The Book of Spaniel
  • The Strange Case of Dachshund Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Ruffing It
  • Mansfield Bark
  • Slobberhouse Five

Yes, these puns are stupid. But these treats are not. They’re actually very good. So you should buy some.

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