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72-Pack: This Saves Lives Snack Bars

  • People like these just fine, and for the price we’re selling them, that’s about all you need to know
  • When we bought these, the company made the promised charitable donation, just FYI
  • Best by January of 2024… which, oh fuck, is NOW!
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but you can grind them up and dust the rim of your glass maybe? But it would be gross?
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Good Enough

Last time we sold these, people gave some RAVE reviews. Here’s one from @jaybird:

Sam’s club had these about a year ago. They were about to expire and I bought a box for like $2.91. For what they are they’re pretty good.

And another from @werehatrack:

The ones I bought at Costco (it was the last box they had) were okay. Not outstanding, but definitely okay, which is a hell of a lot better than some of the others. (Let us not even start to discuss “protein bars”.)

@Bloodshedder comes in with yet another review filled with superlatives:

These actually taste quite good to me - all 3 flavors

You read that right! “Pretty good”! “Not outstanding, but definitely okay”! And “Quite good to me”! That’s the enthusiasm we’re looking for!

Okay, to be clear, if you were to scroll through the entire forum, you’d see some people issuing much higher praise. But we highlighted these because, to our mind, they make an important point: there’s a low barrier to entry with granola bars. They can be just okay, and you’re still gonna eat them.

Like, sure, sometimes you find one that’s just perfect, a bar that tastes indulgent enough to feel like a treat while filling you up the perfect amount to get you from breakfast to lunch without a trip to the vending machine for something much worse. But also, even if it’s just a few bites of something a little sweet and chewy, that’s fine too. You’re still gonna eat it and you’re probably still gonna like it.

And we’ve got a whole bunch of totally fine to very good granola bars today for super cheap today.

So get some!

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