65-Pack: Talia Dry Roasted Chickpea Snacks (5x 5.5oz + 60x 1.2oz Variety)

$0.34 per oz vs $1.22 per oz

  • What if the thing they use to make hummus went crunch?
  • Choose a 5-pack of 5.5oz bags in one flavor and get a 60-pack of 1.2oz bags in all five flavors
  • That’s 99.5 ounces of dry roasted chickpeas, a whoppin’ 6.22 pounds!
  • 6-7g plant protein & 5-6g fiber per serving (and only 100-140 calories)
  • Dry roasted, so no oil is used
  • Their favorite sketch comedy duo: Key and Chickpeale
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It's a Garbanzo Bonanza!

On their Instagram, Talia Snacks shows these chickpea snacks being added to an artful-looking salad. The caption reads:

Toss your salad with dry roasted chickpea snacks and oven baked chickpea puffs for extra crunch.

Elsewhere their products are seen as part of charcuterie boards, floating atop soup, on avocado toast, or next to a beer. Some of their sweeter offerings are shown sprinkled over yogurt or iced pumpkin spice lattes.

And we just have to say: bravo.

Because this is smart. Talia knows they can’t compete with Corn Nuts and Cheetos and Doritos. They’re too healthy and not as established as those brands. And so they understand they need a backdoor in. And that backdoor is pitching themselves as “crispy garnishes.”

By doing so they’re able to sneak into your pantry even when all other snacks are barred because you’re trying to be healthy. After all, they’re not junk food; they’re basically a gluten-free, less processed alternative to croutons or oyster crackers!

Yet, what happens to those things? The croutons or oyster crackers or crispy chow mien noodles or peanuts you intend to use as part of some recipe? With no other options around, you end up nibbling on them. In other words, they become your go-to snacks for a time. And if they’re as tasty as these things, they might stay your go-to snacks.

Or maybe you’ll just enjoy them added to your salads. That’s cool too.

What’s important is that you’re getting a whole bunch of them!

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