600-Pack: Kenn & Kitt Pet Wipes

  • Clean paws, ears, butts, eyes and just about anything else on your pet
  • Hypoallergenic, pH-balanced and won’t irritate your pet’s skin
  • Odor deodorizing and neutralizing
  • Infused with aloe to moisturize
  • Can they make a margarita: no, but they can clean up a margarita spill in a pinch
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Tier Two

All dog owners understand that there exist three tiers of dog cleanliness.

Tier one: clean. You just gave the dog a bath yesterday and she hasn’t gotten into anything weird. She smells good, or just doesn’t smell bad.

Obviously, you don’t need these wipes for a tier-one dog.

Tier three: wildly unclean. The dog slips the leash and jumps into the pond that smells like farts. Gets sprayed by a skunk. Finds a dead animal in the woods and decides to go to town, rolling around in that stuff until she’s absolutely dripping with decaying guts. That sort of thing.

These wipes will barely make a dent here, because tier three is really full-blown bath territory.

Tier two, though? That’s where these things really shine.

Tier two is simple: not so clean. It rained recently so your dog kicked up a bit of mud walking around the block. Or she laid down a while on a very dusty part of the yard. Or she had a playdate with a friend got a little slobbery.

You don’t want to give a tier-two dog a real bath. That’s too severe, too intense. But you don’t want them cuddling all over you even if they’re just verging on being nasty.

Hence, you give them a quick wipe with one of these.

Now for useful info: they’re hypoallergenic, deodorizing, and infused with aloe to moisturize. Sounds pretty good, right? In fact, if you want to buy them and use them for yourself, be our guest. We won’t judge you at all. But other people might. You know, because there’s a dog on the packaging. And that’s a little embarrassing.

Yeah, honestly, maybe just use them on your dog.

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