60-Pack: KN-95 5-Layer Masks

  • You should have a good, reusable mask
  • You might also want some semi-disposable backups
  • KN-95, meaning, they’re the good stuff
  • Model: M45K-PUN-H3R3
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Either Way

In these strange times, I find myself smiling at other people in the grocery store more than before. It seems important to put some positivity out into the world, you know?

Only, then I realize I’m wearing a mask, so really the only way someone can tell I’m smiling is the perkiness of my cheeks and perhaps a warmth in my eyes. This, you’d think, would inspire me to stop smiling. Only, the effect is the opposite. Knowing the smile is hidden causes me to smile even harder, as if to fire a smile-ray so powerful in the general direction of other people that they can’t help but notice it.

Of course, this is just one way of dealing with the mask era. And it’s totally cool if it isn’t how you act given the circumstances.

It’s entirely understandable, for example, if the coverage of the mask allows you to finally unburden yourself of society’s theatrics. After all, what are you doing at the grocery store? Inspecting produce? Checking the expiration date on milk? Looking to make sure none of the eggs are broken? Searching for that super basic spice you’re out of and praying to the culinary gods that you won’t have to a) pay the premium for the glass-bottled Morton & Bassett organic variant, or b) get the thimble-sized Tones with the impossible to open lid?

None of these things require an expression of rapt attention. So if you want to shop for groceries with your face completely relaxed, do it! The one thing that might’ve stopped you before? I.e. that anyone could see your tired emotion-less face? You don’t have to worry about that anymore!

But here’s my question: were this to continue for several more years, what would happen? Would some of us for whom masking up is motivation to smile harder than ever before grow crazy facial muscles that would lock our features into a never-ending grin? And would the others–the ones for whom masking up is an excuse to eschew society’s unspoken demand to play-act our lives–lose said facial muscles, thus leaving their face in a never-ending droop, incapable of anything but blankness?

The answer? It doesn’t friggin’ matter! What matters is that you wear a mask!

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