60-Pack: Jack Links Wild Beef Sticks (Original or Hot)

  • It’s beef, but in stick form
  • Get a whole bunch of them
  • Choose between original and hot
  • Can they make margaritas: no, but they could be pretty easily incorporated into a Bloody Mary
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Beef: It's What's For (Between Lunch and) Dinner

Just want to clarify something off the top here. The ‘wild’ in the name of the product refers to a general zaniness. As in, these sticks possess a wildness of flavor, and you’re wild for eating them. The beef itself is not wild. At least, not to our knowledge.

Wow. What a relief to get that out of the way. Now we can move on to more pressing matters, like why you should buy these wild beef treats.

The first reason: because there’s something about a meat stick that feels a little naughty, right? You see them on the gas station checkout counter–always with just enough separation from the other impulse-buy-treats, as if they can’t play nice with others–and you think, I shouldn’t… or should I?! They’re meat, but they’re not refrigerated. They’re wobbly, but there’s that certain satisfying snap you experience upon biting into one. They’re aggressively salty (and spicy, at least in the case of one option here), and equally aggressively packaged.

In short, they’re the bad boy of the snack section. Not the jock. Not the cheerleader. Not the band geek, or the computer dork, or the rich kid, or the student council president. No, they’re the new kid who wears the leather jacket, rolls up to school on a motorcycle, and doesn’t pay attention in class but then recites Shakespeare perfectly when the teacher tries to pull a classic gotcha move.

And that Shakespeare detail is important. Because it’s the perfect illustration of our second reason why you should buy this boatload of meat sticks: they’re actually not very naughty at all. Each one has about 150 calories, which puts them comfortably sub-Snickers. Plus, they don’t have many carbs (2 grams). Plus, they have a solid amount of protein for something so small (5 grams).

In other words, they make you feel like you’re cheating your diet–Meat?! Between meals!!!–but there’s actually no cheating involved. Just some delicious, salty, spicy (if you get the spicy option) wild(ly flavorful) beef sticks.

So get some!

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