6-Piece Mitch Stone Celebrity Haircare Set

  • You get a bunch of cool stuff for shaping all that extra hair you’ve grown these past few months
  • The Dry Texture spray is part dry shampoo, part medium hold
  • The Volume Texture spray gives your hair a serious boost
  • The Lustre Conditioner will repair dry and damaged hair while you bathe
  • The Leave-in Conditioner will repair dry and damaged hair while you do other things
  • The X-Tender will help you shape and detangle wigs and extensions (you get two bottles of this)
  • Model: 3V3RYB0DY5-60TT4-63T-5T0N3D
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This Stuff From Stone Rocks

Remember the laughs we had in April?

“Toilet paper is the new currency!” Ha!

“I’ve worn these sweatpants for a month straight!” Haha!

“Look at how long and shaggy my hair is!” Hahahaha!

Now, several months later, finding toilet paper isn’t so hard. Sweatpants? You call them something different. Like, you know, pants.

But the hair? For a lot of people out there, it’s no longer a laughing matter. And yet, you still might not want to hit the salon. So, you’ve gotta tame that mane, and there are two ways to do so:

  1. You and your spouse or partner or roommate could go to YouTube beauty school and learn the basics of barbering. Or, if you live alone, you could give yourself a trim. Just be sure to watch the instructional video in a mirror, because that’s what you’re going to be dealing with.

Or, much easier:

  1. You could embrace that wild new look! Work with it! Love it! Indulge it!

That’s what today’s sale is all about. You get 6 Mitch Stone hair care products. The Dry Texture Hair Spray is basically one part dry shampoo, one part medium hold so you can clean and shape without getting wet. The Volume Texture Spray will give your mop top a serious body boost. And the Lustre Conditioner will repair dry and damaged hair.

Use a wig or extensions? We got you covered as well, with the 2 bottles of the X-Tender, which’ll instantly soften the hair to make detangling and shaping super easy.

So get this set of Mitch Stone hair care products and give a little extra life and vivacity to that extra growth up top.

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