6-Pack: Victor Crunchy Dog Treats (14oz)

  • The best-by date on these things is 5/31
  • That doesn’t mean they will turn rotten
  • It does mean that they will continue to get crunchier, but they’re for your dog, not your fancy dinner party
  • 14 oz per bag, for a total of 5.25lb
  • Are these the Victor everyone in San Antonio is talking about: No, that’s Victor Wembanyama
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Keep On Crunchin'

Everything ages in its own way.

Some things age like fine wine. Like, for example, fine wine. More specifically: the high-end chardonnay from Scott Family on offer today over at Casemates, your one-stop shop for lowering your wine budget without lowering your standards.

Other things, though? They don’t age quite so gracefully. Such as these dog treats. That’s why they have a best-by date. And that best-by date is 5/31. Pretty, pretty soon. What will happen once they cross that threshold? Not too much. As we’ve said many times, the best-by date merely works as a guideline for when to consume something if you want to experience its peak flavor.

And so, these already crunchy dog treats will likely get crunchier and crunchier with time. Which might be a problem if it were not for two things:

  1. We are selling them for stupid cheap. Like, you’re getting 6 bags of these things for about 2 bucks more than a single bag costs on Amazon.

  2. They’re FOR YOUR DOG!

Yes, that’s right. The same animal who will attempt to drink a gut-load of nasty water and eat all the goose shit they can handle while taking a walk around the lake. In other words, not exactly a gourmand who will turn their nose up because something’s flavor and texture are not exactly perfect.

Oh, also, speaking of the up-turning of noses, we thought it worth sharing this bit from an Amazon review for the lamb flavor:

I like that the scent is very mild and not overpowering / nauseous. (A different brand was so strong i had to hold breath every time bag opened.)

This might seem silly (again, they’re treats for your pupper, not caviar), but anyone who’s ever bought their dog lamb lung or freeze-dried salmon bites knows that a stinky treat can be a real bummer to deal with.

In conclusion, buy some dog treats for not much money.

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