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6-Pack: Birch Benders Baking Mixes & Frostings

  • A whole array of baking mixes and frostings
  • No gluten in here
  • Very low in net carbs too
  • Brownies, Yellow Cake & Chocolate Cake have best by dates ranging 9/2/24-2/17/25
  • Vanilla frosting is best by 8/6/24
  • Chocolate frosting best by April-May 2024
  • Are they Mac-compatible: really depends on your Mac’s gut biome
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Low Effort Low Carb

If you want to go Keto, you should really go Keto. As in: cut carbs, cut sweets, cut everything but meat and some veggies. Just flank steak and broccoli. That’s it. Maybe a leaf of lettuce to wrap it in. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snack. Whatever the meal, that’s what you should eat: flank steak and broccoli and some lettuce.

What’s more, if you want to bake, you should do it from scratch. And we don’t mean that you should Google a recipe. No, you should go full GBBO and develop your own. And, to be honest, if you’re not milling your own flour and building your own oven in the woods, what are you even doing?

Also, if you can’t have gluten, well, you shouldn’t have anything that even tastes as though it has gluten in it. Bread, cakes, cookies, muffins–even if it’s gluten-free, kiss it goodbye. Instead, whenever you crave something glutenous, you should eat a raw endive. Because it’s bitter, and that’s what you deserve for even dreaming about defying your body like that!

Obviously, we’re being facetious.

Of course, avoiding sweets while eating Keto is going to be the healthiest option. But you will eventually crave something a little indulgent that doesn’t involve meat or veg. And when that happens, you’ll be happy to have something that’s not super high in net carbs.

And there are going to be some days when you’re in the mood to go all out and bake stuff from scratch. But there are also going to be days when you want your cake to be as low effort as possible.

And if you can’t have gluten, well, then you can’t have gluten. But dietary restrictions don’t control your palate. The heart wants what it wants. Moreover, the tummy wants what it wants.

Which is all to say: you may not, at this moment, have any interest in Keto, gluten-free baking mixes and frostings, but there could come a time when you’ll be happy to have it. Especially when you can get a 6-pack for 12 to 16 bucks.

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