50-Pack: Individually Wrapped KN95 Non-Medical Protective Masks

  • They go over your mouth
  • Also your nose (easily, we should add, because of the bendy nose thing)
  • KN95 is the good kind
  • Individually wrapped keeps them clean
  • Can’t believe this is still going on
  • Model: M45K-UP-PL3453
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Think Deep

Here’s what you do: you get this 50-pack of KN95 masks. You put some in your car. You put some in your bag or purse. You put some in your spouse’s bag or purse. You put some in your roommate’s bag or purse. You put some in your kid’s backpack. Then, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you (or anyone you’re with) remembered a mask.

With all that brain space freed up, you can focus on other, more important thoughts. For example:


The person who came up with the phrase “the tables have turned” must’ve had square or rectangular tables, right? Because if they were circular, turning them really wouldn’t change much at all.


Why is Bugs Bunny named Bugs? Sure, the alliteration is nice, but there are other names that start with ‘B’ or even ‘Bu’ that don’t call to mind insect life. Burt, for example. Or Butch. Or Bucky. Or Buzz.


Does the person in charge of the tread design department at Good Year ever start off a pre-project pep talk by saying, “People, we literally are trying to reinvent the wheel here”?


When you take the lyrics to “I Will Survive” literally, it stops feeling like a track about moving on and really starts to seem like the plot to a sci-fi horror movie. Someone you never thought you’d see again arrives from OUTER SPACE unannounced, looking weird and sad. Yeah, Gloria, you really should’ve changed that lock, because now there’s AN ALIEN REPLICANT IN YOUR HOUSE!


Under what circumstance–as in, how bad would just ONE of your eyes have to be–for an optometrist to recommend a prescription monocle?


Okay, it’s actually debatable if this stuff is really worth thinking about. But at least none of it has anything to do with masks!

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