10-Pack: Westek Dimmable Under Cabinet LED Puck Light Kit Set

  • Install them under your counters or in the closet or over your workstation
  • Linkable to your heart’s content - use 3 over here and 7 over there (or any other combination)
  • They’ll each provide 1190 lumens of warm white light
  • That’s a lot of lumens!
  • Model: L16HT-TH3-W4Y
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Real Light

Hey, it’s me. The flashlight function on your phone. Just wanted to drop by and remind you that I’m really only for in a pinch.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely flattered by how much you manage to use me. Like, never in a million years did I expect to be shined into so many different places in so many different situations.

It’s just that, well, I feel like our relationship is reaching a dangerous level of dependency.

Let’s say your wallet came out of your pocket and fell under the car seat. That’s definitely something I can help with. Or, let’s say you went to put your watch down on an end table but slipped and it clattered under a couch. Again, this is my exact forte. Did you turn off all the lamps at night in a not-so-smart order and now need help getting safely through the dark house to your bedroom? Sorta makes me feel like I’m aiding a breaking-and-entering, but still, nothing that I can’t handle.

It’s when we get to the point where you’re using me to find that one saucepan in the pots and pans cupboard or looking for that specific tool on the shelf in the garage that things get a little hairy. Because, if you can’t see the stuff that’s stored mostly as it should be, buddy, you might have an illumination problem that goes beyond my modest glow.

Which is all to say, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. By suggesting you buy this Westek Light Kit, I’m not trying to end our relationship. I’m just trying to help you set some healthy boundaries for me. These lights are easy to install under your counters or over your workstation or wherever you need them. And once they’re set up, they provide 1190 lumens of warm white light. That’s more lumens than I could probably make in a week! And not just because that’s not how lumens work!

Point is, they’ll be there to take care of you when you need some serious light. So you won’t need to rely on me so much. Which will only make it that much sweeter when you knock an earring behind the makeup table and need to call in a tiny light beam’s worth of backup.

Because, friend, I’ll be there!

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