5-Pack: PGA Tour Airflux Mesh Caps

  • Five stylish, one-size-fits-all golf hats that are just tremendous, simply tremendous
  • Did we mention that to be the kind of golfer who wears a hat like this you have to talk a certain way?
  • Either way, we think you’ll find these to be terrific. Really excellent. Superb, even.
  • These retail for like $20 each, btw. Golf gear is pricey and for suckers, but you don’t have to be one of them!
  • Just outstanding, really great…
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PGA Style at an IOU Price

Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and a tiny set of clubs waiting for you on your eighth birthday, you probably found your way into the golfing world a little at a time.

You cut your teeth on some laid-back but awesome public course wearing cargo shorts with a beer in each pocket but it seems like one day you blink, then it’s ten years later and you’re being invited to tee off at some fancypants course with your boss or your father-in-law or your second-least-favorite college roommate.

Now you’re meeting people who look like they walked out of a shitty Rolex ad and you start to wonder where these people actually come from (if not from shitty Rolex ads).

They have sweat towels with their initials on them. They make offhanded references to country club fees that cost more than your car. And none of their clubs have ever been used to chase a possum out of the attic.

But don’t despair.

Because even if those rich punks look like they were born in polos and golf cleats, most of them actually got there a little bit at a time. And while they might have trust funds and personal shoppers, you’ve got us.

Some idiot might spend years hobnobbing at PGA events to accumulate these tour hats one at a time, each one a slightly different but consistently tasteful hue.

But not you.

You’re going to drop twenty-five bucks right now and get five different colors for what works out to $5 each. You’ll look so legit that it’ll be genuinely surprising when you join some pretentious foursome and then play like your usual course has a windmill on one of the holes and that the 18th involves a clown’s mouth.

Or hey, even if none of this feels even vaguely relevant, there’s no reason you can’t just head out into the world looking like someone who looks good in a golf hat.

Just order some of these. It’ll probably change your life. Power of positive thinking and all that.

Did we mention the colors? You get five! One for every day of the work week when you really wish you could just be golfing.

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