5-Pack: Moisture-Wicking Wrinkle Free Performance Tees

  • They’re basic shirts, BUT THERE’S A TWIST
  • the twist is they wick moisture
  • Sorry if we made it sound like it was a bigger twist than that
  • Normal cut, crew neck, with a reflective strip for nighttime jogging, biking, or walking
  • Also, they won’t get all wrinkle-y, which is nice
  • Size Chart
  • Do these feature logos for scary companies from dystopian sci-fi movies: No, for that you’ll need to head to Mediocritee
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Wick Rolled

Okay, here’s the situation: it’s 90 degrees out and your lawn is starting to look like a hayfield. The good news? Tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler. The bad news? It’s gonna rain. Like, for the next four days, the meteorologist is saying there will be steady precipitation. In other words, despite the blisteringly hot temperature, you gotta mow. Now.

So, what do you wear?

Option 1: You could dig deep into the far reaches of your bureau and pull out that shirt you held onto all these years for some reason. You know, the one you got while volunteering at some neighborhood event or another, where nobody asked for your size so it’s way too big, and also it’s that cut that’s basically like a sack with a head-hole and two billowing short sleeves on the side. Of course, you don’t mind if this shirt gets a little messy. But it’s cotton, and so as it soaks through, it’s going to get less and less comfortable.

Option 2: You can go to a running store. There you’ll find something specifically made for dealing with perspiration. Not only that, it’ll be cut nicely, look pretty cool, and feature a number of “technologies” like “QwikEvap 2.0” that ensures it dries immediately as it gets sweaty, and “Smooth Diffuse Sensors” which slowly release aloe as your body temperature rises to cut down on the risk of nipple chafe. Also, this shirt–this SINGLE shirt–will cost you something like $178.

Option 3: You use one of the shirts in the 5-pack we’re selling today. They’re simple, basic, regular fit, crew neck shirts, only they’re moisture-wicking, so they’ll keep you cool and dry as you mow. Oh, and they’ve also got a reflective patch on the back, which makes them a safe choice for midnight mowing. Or, you know, jogging or biking at dusk or dawn.

So, which do you choose?

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