5-Pack Single Layer Reusable Masks

  • As single-layer masks,you may want to double-up on these for extra protection
  • But while 2- or 3-layer masks are best, really anything is a lot better than nothing
  • And if you want to go all in, hey, we’re technically selling you 5 layers
  • But of course the most important thing is whether you’re an animal print or a camo person
  • Model: 33161447, 33161416, 33161459, 33161460, which, wow, the confidence to give something so simple such long model numbers; like, seriously, we stand in awe
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Amassing Masks

How many masks do you have? Nope. Stop right there. The answer is simply not enough.

How do I know this? Because I’m a gosh darn professional, I know what’s up.

What kind of professional? The kind that knows you need masks.

Listen. I have a feeling we aren’t getting out of this mess very soon. The future’s about as murky as the 2020 mud we’re slogging through now. But the least we can do is have masks. Maybe even wear ‘em. I know it is a point of contention, but even if you aren’t into it, do it for the peace of mind of the people around you. And look, they even have cool designs. Well, maybe not cool per se, but it’s something. Maybe they can even express your personality a little bit?

“I chose a camouflage design because I’m tough!”

“I chose an animal print design because I’m fierce!”

“I chose a floral design because I’m classy as all hell!”

“I chose black because it reflects the vast, shapeless void that exists inside us!”

Yeah, something like that. Weirdo. Anyway, they’re single layer, so it’s not like they’re medical grade or anything. But, it’s better than nothing. Plus, maybe you could put them over one of those disposable ones? Give them some style outside of “wandered into a surgery and somebody just handed me a scalpel.”

So, you’ll consider the masks?

What? You wanna know how many masks do I have?

Sorry, bud, too many questions. I’ve got a surgery to perform.

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