5-Pack Juniper Clean 72ct Disinfectant Surface Wipes with Bleach

  • You wipe stuff with them, and that stuff gets clean
  • That’s 360 total wipes
  • They got that powerful bleach disinfecting power
  • But they smell like sweet juniper
  • Less than three cents a wipe; 2.7¢ to be precise
  • Model: JC-SDW-B-F-72FP, where the JC stands for “just 'cause,” which is why you should buy them
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Wipe Now, Wipe Later

Cool! Wipes! We’ll get to those in a minute.

First, I just want to say, I’ve been sitting around the house in my pajamas writing these little “product descriptions” for a few years now. In other words, I was already working from home when everyone else started working from home. So, while others had to figure out how to do their highly collaborative jobs over Zoom, I just kept getting up every morning, heading into the other room, and making bad jokes about bluetooth speakers and drones just like always.

Still, this past year has been hard. And for me, it hasn’t been the big things I miss. Like, I’m not itching to go to a concert or a big party. I miss the little stuff: getting some writing done at the coffee shop on Friday afternoon as a treat, going out to lunch when I start to feel stir crazy, meeting up with a friend for a beer and a basketball game.

It’s important to have things to look forward to. It’s important to have variety in your day. And it’s especially important to have social interactions. There’s just no denying it; camaraderie is great for your mental health.

But for your physical health? That’s questionable.

It’s something I realized the other day when I read a Tweet by someone about how this is the first year he hasn’t gotten a major cold/flu that gave way to a nasty sinus infection. And I thought, holy crap, neither have I!

In the past year of staying home, masking up for grocery shopping, and constant hand washing and sanitizing, I have been a little sneezy at times, a little snotty at times, a little sniffly at times, but I haven’t experienced the twice-a-year cold that knocks me onto the couch for five straight days of 60% brain/10% physical functionality.

Which brings us, finally, to today’s product: if you, like me, haven’t had your annual hell-cold, then you’re going to want some of these wipes. Not just for right now, but also for the post-virus future: to sanitize your desk when you’re back at the office, or your table at the coffee shop, or your stool at the bar, or door knobs, light switches, and the counter where the raw chicken accidently dripped. Truth is these are great for cleaning in general, not just to prevent one specific microbe everyone knows the name of.

That way, maybe, just maybe, we can all stay a little healthier.

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