5-Pack: Family Card Games

  • You get five classic games: Blink, Rook, Pictionary, Skip-Bo, and Scrabble Slam
  • Think of it like analog JackBox
  • A great gift that the whole family can enjoy
  • Yes, it’s cheesy to say it like that, but it’s true
  • Model: L3T5-PL4Y-4-64M3
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Look Away From The Screen

Howdy, friends! We’ve got a little Mad Libs project we’re working on (to be revealed later). Basically, all we need is for you to fill out a super short, simple form each day. Here’s today’s! Thanks in advance!

We just need to say, before we get roasted by a mob of nerds, that we really love a lot of modern, super involved card games and board games.

It’s fun to fully immerse yourself in something that’s going to take roughly ten hours, and where you might find yourself needing to roll a seven in order for your game piece to “perform the dance of prosperity” so that your grain silos can be refilled and you can retake the “Ag Leader” card from your opponent, given that it’s worth a whopping twelve “Victory Doubloons” or whatever.

Seriously, we love that stuff.

But while those games are fun, they’re maybe not the best thing for when you want to unwind. And right now, fall-but-pretty-much-winter of 2020, it’s safe to say we could all stand to unwind just a little bit. Seriously, there’s a reason why everyone’s all about simple, social games like Jackbox and Among Us these days, and nobody’s using their time stuck at home to do a full-game play-through of Myst.

And yet, there is one flaw with those aforementioned games, and no, we’re not talking about that weird electro-maze task in the Tesla-coil-looking-thing on the snow map. (Any other Among Us players feel me on this? Like, ugh!) It’s the screen time. As the weather gets colder, and the days get shorter, the glow of the screen becomes more alluring, but also more draining.

That’s why we’re offering this five-pack of simple games: Blink, Rook, Pictionary, Skip-Bo, and Scrabble Slam. They’re all easy enough to learn in just one round, yet delightfully challenging enough that you need to invest yourself.

In other words, they’re the perfect thing to play with your family or your roommates on a frigid, dark winter’s night when you need something that will occupy some (but not too much) time, and that doesn’t involve staring at anything backlit until your eyes bleed.

Not bad for $15, right?

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