5.11 Tactical Men's Thunderbolt Half Zip Pullover

  • With double weave fabric overlaid on fleece and a bunch of other fancy fabrics, this thing will control odors and wick moisture even in high stress situations… like… uh… the big mission?
  • Look, we don’t know tactical terms, okay?
  • Basically, it’s a pullover that’s not too bulky but can do all the bulky work, if that makes sense
  • Here’s a sizing chart for those who can’t get enough charts and graphs
  • Looking for something to wear underneath? Check out Mediocritee
  • Model: 72443-018, 72443-836, because all numbers + no letters = tactical as fuck
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Moisture Wicker

Here, let’s play a game. We have a product video for this 5.11 Tactical Men’s Thunderbolt Half Zip Pullover. We’re going to post it here, starting at the point at which the jacket’s materials are described. What we want you to do is listen to everything the voice over says the jacket is made of (so to about 0:36), pause the video, and then attempt to transcribe it from memory.

Okay we’ll go first:

Featuring our 1992-98 nylon stretch micro wicker spandex fleece band, the Thunder-bull will keep two stylish Tonys dry during periods of high activity such as a session of 1910 scratch double weed soft shelling (which we assume is a euphemism for something unspeakable).

So, how’d we do? Great? We thought so!

But look, we’re going to let you in on a little secret here. Despite all the technical terms, despite how it’s billed as being great for “a day at the range,” despite the word “tactical” being in the name–despite ALL of that, this thing isn’t just for people who do Call of Duty IRL. Seriously, even if you’ve never sincerely had to say something like, “Call in the ops team; I need eyes on this thing, dammit!” you can still wear this jacket.

And actually, if there’s anything to take away from all the technical-sounding mumbo jumbo it’s this: this thing will keep you warm without being too bulky. Which means it’s a great jacket for RIGHT NOW. Think about it? Fall mornings are like 30 degrees, but fall afternoons can get up into the high 50s, low 60s. So you want something that’ll get the job done without being too bulky, something light but warm that you can pull on over your Mediocritee shirt in the morning.

And that’s exactly what this Thunderbolt will do, thanks to its… poly durable moisturizing microbes.

Or something.

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