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40-Pack: Samyang Buldak Curry Spicy Chicken Ramen (4.89 oz)

  • They’re delicious
  • They’re spicy
  • They’re Samyang Buldak
  • They’re curry-flavored
  • Redditors like them, and joepinapples thinks Curry Buldak is the best Buldak
  • $24 for Best By January 2024, or $29 for Best By March 2024
  • Can they make a margarita: No, but you’ll be able to justify having a few margs to cool your mouth down, so that’s nice
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Curry Favor

You know what’s nice about people who like spicy food? They’re honest about it.

Other people whose tastes trend toward the aggressive are always trying to lure you in. Your friend who loves super hoppy beers will be like, “Oh, it’s actually really smooth and balanced,” before handing you an IPA that tastes like marijuana soaked in unsweetened grapefruit juice. And your friend who loves horror movies? They’ll be like, “Killer Nun Under The Bed 7 isn’t scary at all. In fact, I think of it more as a comedy!” And then, a week later, when you confess you watched it and haven’t slept since, they’ll be completely shocked.

But your friend who enjoys spicy food? They’ll tell it like it is.

You’ll be like, “Hey, how spicy is that?” And they’ll wipe the sweat from their brow and be like, “Oh, spicy as all fuck, that’s how spicy.”

This principle proves true in the Amazon reviews of this Samyang Buldak Spicy Curry Ramen. Now, we won’t claim to have read the 98,000+ reviews (which is wild but to be clear, they’re not all for the flavor we’re offering today), but we will say, from a little bit of skimming, everyone’s pretty upfront about the heat level.

Cherry says, in a five-star review:

I originally did the spicy noodle challenge with the Samyang 2x Spicy Hot Chicken Korean Ramen. It was like eating lava but the flavor was sooo good. So I looked into the company and found out they make different flavors. I saw that they made a spicy curry flavor and I knew I had to have it. I had it on my Wishlist for a while and finally decided to treat myself. I was not disappointed. The instructions were easy to follow and it was quite delicious. I all ready recommended it to a friend. It’s not as spicy as the 2x Spicy Hot Chicken Korean Ramen (thank God) but please keep in mind it is still quite spicy.

Mara Hernández Vera feels similarly, also awarding five stars:

I finally got around to buying this ramen flavor along with the original one. I am really happy with this purchase. Would definitely recommend it to others. Be warned that the spiciness is no joke, it will water your eyes and make your nose run. However, the nasal cavities will be left feeling refreshed. The taste of the ramen is very delicious and the noodles’ texture is just to my liking-- 10/10.

Rochelle, in a four star review, goes on a bit of a ride:

Well the verdict is in: these Curry Hot Chicken flavored Ramen noodles are indeed spicy; however, the heat is tolerable and the noodles are delicious. I will definitely keep some in the house as a once a month indulgence (only because of the sodium content). Also, the next time I make these noodles, I might use only half of the spicy sauce packet in an effort to bring the heat down a little. If you like spicy food, I highly recommend these Curry Hot Chicken flavored Ramen noodles…just make sure you have some milk or yogurt standing by to cool your tongue. ENJOY!

It’s almost like they ate the ramen as they started typing, and the heat slowly caught up with them as the review went on. “Spicy, but tolerable. But also, I might like a little less heat. Wow. Like, it’s good. But also, fucking hell, is there goddamn dairy in this house?”

So, there you have it. Like all the Samyang Buldak stuff we’ve sold, the verdict is simple: yes, they’re spicy, but also, they’re good.

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